Gilt Bronze Chandelier Style Gothic
Cast Iron Candlesticks Style Gothic
Pair of Silver Bronze Candlesticks Style L XVI
F. BARBEDIENNE - Gilt bronze Candlestick
Gilt Bronze Chandelier and Crystal
Large Chandelier with Pampilles Napoleon III
4 Large Wall Sconces / Torchs - Circa 1930/1940
Bronze Chandelier Style Louis XVI
Gilt Bronze Napoleon III Chandelier
Gilt Bronze Napoleon III Ceiling
Oil Lamp in Procelain and Etched Glass
Oil Lamp in Procelain and Etched Glass
Walnut Carved Chandelier Style Renaissance
Oak Chandelier Style Renaissance
Wrought Iron Lamppost - Circa 1940
Walnut Carved Floor Lamp Style Renaissance
Earthenware Lamp Japanese Style
Pair of Bronze Candlesticks Style Louis XVI